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When they start looking for Davina he makes deal with Elijah to ensure that Davina would be safe from Klaus once they find her. Ihnen kommt die Idee Klaus loszuwerden indem sie Mikael mithilfe einer Hexe holen. In Brotherhood of the Damned, Marcel remembers his time in WW1 as he's trapped in The Abattoir. When Elijah demanded an exchange of Aurora for Hayley and the Serratura, Tristan complied but planned on overwhelming the Mikaelsons by bringing dozens of Strix members down on the Originals so they could seal them away with the Serratura during the exchange. Klaus says he thought it would be more fun this way. Smith, was created by Julie Plec and Kevin Williamson. In Sanctuary, Finn discovers during his interrogation that Marcel was compelled to forget about Hope's survival. After a heated debate where Kol told Marcel he was never a Mikaelson, Marcel agreed with him, saying he was happy that he wasn't. Um Zeit zur Auffindung von Heilmitteln zu finden, bindet Freya ihr Leben und die Leben von Elijah, Kol und Rebekah an das von Klaus. Klaus' "friend" thinks this girl is a queen. Occupation Seitdem reagiert er als eine Art "König", wie er sich selbst bezeichnet. Joe Dalton (1918) †mehrere Soldaten (1918) †Thierry Vanchure (1940er) †Max †Diego †viele andere Vampire †Gia (2012) † Marcel possessed all the standard powers and abilities of a non-Original vampire but had an exceptional level of strength for a vampire his age which is best shown in his battles with Klaus. After regaining his position, Klaus tells Marcel he wants to rule side by side with him. He soon after went to Vincent and told him about Tristan's plan for Van and the Regency. In Heart Shaped Box, after learning that the Mikaelsons had lost the last remaining white oak to Aurora de Martel, he went to Klaus, telling him that he had sent The Strix looking for Aurora because of the threat she posed to all of them. Klaus folgt einem geheimnisvollen Hinweis, dass etwas gegen ihn geplant sei. Marcel is unfazed by Klaus' threats and coldly tells him he can either use it on him or go back to his stupid party but he starts to get concerned when Klaus gleefully threatens to kill his friends. He later goes back to the compound and finds most of his vampires have been bitten by the Correas and sees Diego slowly dying. Staffeln (VD) So she takes a knife and stabs herself in the neck. Lara cryptically claimed that The Hollow would rise and all would bow before it, even Marcel, before killing herself. That said, Marcel still possess superior powers to the Originals, having a lethal bite and his own base vampirism amplified by the original spell which coupled with his excellent fighting skills makes Marcel one of the most dangerous and deadliest beings thus far. After hooking up with Rebekah, Marcel realizes that the Originals. Josh met him at the loft to tell him about an online auction for the last white oak bullet, something that The Strix hadn't noticed since they didn't pay as good of attention to modern things as Josh did. Wütend und traurig zugleich über den Verrat seines besten Freundes lässt Marcel Thierry in seinem Garten bei seinen restlichen Widersachern einmauern. When Davina comes to Klaus and Marcel to get back Tim, she attacks him and blames him for betraying her. He brought him out and then offered Alistair a sword that had been washed in Marcel's venom, poisonous to Klaus. Sieh dir an, was Marcel Dest (marceldest) auf Pinterest entdeckt hat – die weltweit größte Ideensammlung. Klaus arrives to help but is also overcome by Papa Tunde. Klaus asks for his brother Elijah back and Marcel asks Klaus to take a walk with him. Gia defends Marcel from a werewolf getting bitten in the process. No longer being a normal vampire, thus unkillable to the Mikaelsons, Marcel quickly adopts a more arrogant and confrontational nature, over his more pragmatic tendencies, doing what he feels is necessary regardless of the consequences, such as fatally wounding Kol and Elijah. He tried his best to convince her that he had nothing to do with it, but she remained skeptical. Marcel überlebte Mikaels Massaker an den Vampiren von New Orleans und verschaffte sich eine Führerposition in der Vampirgesellschaft des Französischen Viertels. Verwandelt Von Vincent erhält er das Serum, das ihn zu einem Biest machen könnte. Still concerned, Marcel went to Vincent at Rousseau's and tried to convince Vincent to help get Davina out of the danger she was in. He put up a fight but was no match for Aya who relentlessly beat him down. Marcel and Rebekah sided together to take down Klaus once and for all so that they could finally be together, but their plan failed. Male Their first recruit was Gia, with whom both men, and especially Marcel, developed a close friendship. Familie In a meeting between Marcel and Klaus, Marcel says that New Orleans is his town, which sets Klaus off. Elijah arrived, stabbing him in the back with a large piece of wood. His desire to see the Mikaelson pay for the crimes grew so great that he was able to be goaded by Rebekah into stabbing Klaus with Papa Tunde's blade instead of killing him, Rebekah claiming that she wanted to see him suffer rather than die. With Tenor, maker of GIF Keyboard, add popular Marcel The Vampire Diaries animated GIFs to your conversations. Rebekah agrees with Tyler and doesn't want the baby to be born. After recovering from a snapped neck Marcel attempts to make a move against Ruben, but Rebekah stops him. Marcel gave Kol a blood bag when he woke up, hoping to satiate his hunger and keep him calm. Letzter Auftritt (VD) Hayley then prospered to Gia and Marcel they help her recuse Oliver from the witches. Back in his youth, Marcel was shown to be innocent; he was greatly disturbed when Kol decided to "educate" him about vampirism at the cost of several innocent lives. He was welcomed back with open arms by Klaus, but was treated more coldly by Rebekah due to their past. At the bar, Klaus and Marcel are having drinks until Klaus gets a call from the humans and they do not agree to his terms, then they get ambushed by wooden bullets and sunshine. Klaus compels him to stop Rebekah with her spell to trick Dahlia into thinking they have baby Hope. He made sure to remind them that they remember the only reason they were alive was because he was showing mercy, something Klaus would not have done in that situation, proving that he may have been raised by them, but he wasn't like them. First seen It had been revealed in the series that Marcel is the one who drove the werewolves out of the French Quarter in the 1990s, and was also the man who hired Brynne Deveraux (not knowing she was actually possessed by Céleste Dubois) to place the original Crescent Curse on the Crescent Wolf Clan. Marcel deeply grieved Davina's death and avoided ruling the French Quarter for some time. Marcel stops him from doing anything rash so brings up Cami and uses that to save Father. Elijah, noticing how much Klaus cares for Marcel decides to tell Marcel he is bored of him, in an attempt to distance himself, so Klaus could continue mentoring him in hopes it would help Klaus become a better man. He went out of his way to save the nightwalkers on his territory when the Faction incited an attack on them, and has yet to be seen dealing with other vampires in ways other than snapping their necks, implying that he really does care for his own kind. Bedeutende Verwandlungen Aya slashed him with a blade on her finger that was coated with a toxin of her own making. In Til the Day I Die, There was no evidence of who. In der Obhut der Mikaelsons war Marcel erstmals schockiert von Klaus Halbbruder Kol, der wahllos mordete. Marcel is ruthless, but not completely without mercy; best demonstrated by the fact that he prefers to kill his victims by snapping necks, as opposed to other Vampires, who use more inhumane methods like heart extraction, decapitation, and staking. Er zeigte gegenüber den Hexen eine sehr brutale und absolut gnadenlose Seite. are staying at his old plantation. Marcel pledges his allegiance to Klaus and tells him that he can have his kingdom. However both get drugged as Ruben prepares to kill her for revenge thinking she's Eva. Regardless, Klaus forgave Marcel for his actions in gratitude for him saving Hope and decided to heal Marcel with his blood. In Reigning Pain in New Orleans, Marcel and Rebekah made a deal to "trick" Klaus into believing their loyalty. He nearly destroyed the entire family, had it not been for Freya's intervention, and maintained peace in New Orleans for five years, albeit while keeping Klaus hostage and daggered with Papa Tunde's Blade. Josh kann ihn überzeugen, es vorerst nicht zu nehmen. The two briefly discussed how an innocent person was once again collateral damage in the chaos that surrounded the Mikaelsons. Mensch (1810-35)Vampir (Klaus' Blutlinie, gebrochen, 1835-2014)Das Biest (seit 2014) And when Marcel expressed a desire to be sired, Klaus was very reluctant, as he feared that Marcel becoming something similar to himself would deprive him of all that Klaus prized in Marcel. Indebted, Marcel thanks him. Marcel tries to stop her, but gets his neck magically broken. Charles Michael DavisMcCarrie McCausland (Young) He asked Elijah to just comply with the added security and to stay put so The Strix could find the last white oak. He then takes Kol offscreen in Davina's Room. However, when a massacre took place that included the witch who attacked her, Marcel scolded Davina for her actions. He then questioned Shen on what he knew, compelling the answers out of him. He also tells them he isn't going to use the baby's blood for hybrids. Marcel was born a slave and the bastard son of a plantation owner during the 1800s. As a result of this, Vincent turns his back on Marcel after a Strix member who survived seriously harmed Will Kinney. Outside of Rousseau's Marcel and Gia spy on Cami's date with Finn to make sure it goes well. It was also shown that Marcel planned to raid the ritual with the full intent of saving the four witches that were to be sacrificed, including Davina, but arrived too late and only managed to save Davina. Als Klaus Sophie Deveraux trifft, die Schwester von Jane-Anne, erzählt diese Klaus das sie ihm nichts sagen kann, da sie sonst so wie ihre Schwester enden wird. Marcel and Rebekah, taking a chance at love decided to summon Mikael, the Original Vampire vampire-hunter, who arrived in town to the terror of his children, who dreaded their father completely. Marcel possesses all the standard powers and abilities of an Upgraded Original Vampire but being only 200 plus years means he may have inferior strength and speed to Lucien who speed was so fast he was able to effortlessly dodge and anticipate any attacks that the Mikaelsons could physically throw. 65 Gia wants to fight to stay in the city and Josh is skeptic on how to beat the werewolf army since they now have the Moonlight Ring. Marcel wanted to know who her friends were and she explained that she worked for The Strix, the oldest society of vampires in the world. Sklave (1810-20)Klaus' Schützling (1820-35)Soldat (1914-18)Vampirkönig von New Orleans (1919-2011, seit 2014)Anführer seiner ArmeeAnführer der Strix (seit 2013) 1919 sind die Beiden jedoch wieder als Paar anzutreffen auch wenn sie dies versuchen vor Rebekahs Brüder verdeckt zu halten, da sie Angst haben das Klaus die Bindung zum wiederholten Mal nicht tolerieren wird. Marcel considered using her for leverage but having a code of keeping kids out of trouble, took her to his friend Father Keiran instead, to give her a new life out of harm's way. They kinda start to panic. With Davina's death in season three, Marcel declared war on the Mikaelsons and became the Beast of prophecy when Elijah killed him. Marcel has Rebekah in her old room. He goes on a rant about how he made him the man he is, but Marcel explains that when Klaus ran away, he took over. It is unknown if he would have been strong enough to pull it out if it had gone into his chest like Mikael or Klaus could. Their relationship crumbles after Klaus finds out, in the 20th century, it was Marcel and Rebekah who brought Mikael to New Orleans in order to kill him. She finishes the story for Tyler. Seine Haare sind glattrasiert und er sieht aus als befände er sich in den späten 20gern. Lucien, however, told Marcel that it wasn't just about de-siring, but also an execution. However, Finn releases the hungry vampires to attack the wolves. After all, a werewolf bite is death to a vampire. He goaded Elijah into coming inside of the home he was hiding in, only to leave when he did, buying himself enough time until midnight. He sacks him and takes him to Davina to get the compulsion wipe. Marcel supposedly studied law in the 1950s. He likes that she is not a part of the supernatural world. After that, they have a meeting to discuss their plans. Marcel went to desperate lengths to protect her as he loves her like his own daughter, but the event could not be avoided and Davina eventually agreed to go along with it for the sake of the town's citizens. Marcel befürchtet danach, vom Hollow besessen zu sein und vertraut sich Sofya an, die ihn nicht mehr aus den Augen lassen möchte, bis er geheilt ist. Marcel und Hayley finden heraus, dass ein Werwolf namens Lara die Symbole, die vermutlich mit The Hollow in Verbindung stehen, ins Quarter schmiert. Once Klaus admitted defeat and told Marcel the city was no longer theirs and now belonged to him, Marcel agreed to let them live, on the condition that they never return. The reason the article has been tagged as such is that it is lacking information about recent episodes and/or correct information. In The Brothers That Care Forgot, he admits to Davina he was the one who turned Kol and the White Oak Stake over to Klaus. Charles Michael Davis Vorort finden sie allerdings fünf Totem zu vier Kindern. Staffeln (TO) Marcel's concerns were proven to be true when Rebekah asked to meet him at the cemetery to buy her siblings time to rescue Klaus. He reveals he had Josh lift the key Kieran had to protect Cami as people would come for it. In Night Has A Thousand Eyes, Marcel helps Elijah with Josephine magically make St. James Infirmary a safe house for Hope from Dahlia as Marcel claims it was a neutral ground for witches and vampires in the city decades ago. Even though Klaus built the town, his father, Mikael, ran him out of it over a hundred years ago and now Marcel rules it. So Rebekah's spirit can return to her body. Klaus warned Marcel not to look into the blue light as The Hollow tried to get into their minds. In Haunter of Ruins, Marcel went to Vincent to learn more about the new threat Vincent believed could destroy New Orleans. In A Walk on the Wild Side, Tristan contacted Marcel after sending him a mask and tuxedo, inviting him to gala thrown by The Strix. Davina doesn't tell him about Klaus and reminds him that she lives in the church. While not arrogant, he has displayed over-confidence when confronted by beings more powerful than him, such as when he spoke down to Klaus, disregarding that he would be nothing if it wasn't for Klaus, the Original Hybrid, much more powerful than any non-Original vampire in his "army", though while Klaus did make him who he was, he also wasn't always benevolent, as he daggered Rebekah for getting too close to Marcel, this affected Marcel deeply and it caused him to resent Klaus as well as eventually turn against him. However, after seven years together, Rebekah rejects Marcel when he proposed to her because she wants to put her family first. Like Klaus, Marcel likes to think up contingencies; he requested Davina to figure out the fatal weakness of the Original Vampires, not aware that the death of an Original Vampire would also mean the deaths of all other vampires sired from their bloodline, including himself. The Governor † (Father)Unknown Mother †Niklaus Mikaelson † (Adoptive Father)Unknown Stepmother †Emil † (Paternal Half-Brother)Hope Mikaelson (Adoptive Younger Sister)Rebekah Mikaelson (Fiancée) She snaps Tyler's neck, turns out Rebekah doesn't want to hurt the baby, just Klaus. Staffel taucht Marcel in Stadt der Vampire auf. Marcel toast to it and Klaus seems quite pleased. Their relationship had ended when Rebekah was exiled from New Orleans, never to return. Spezies Marcel had Josh ask Davina for help finding them and they found their bodies, covered in werewolf bites, having been tortured and torn apart near the site of Jackson's death. He says someone betrayed and killed her parents while they were laying low, and he arrived only to find a baby Hayley alive. In New Orleans führt er die Gemeinde der Übernatürlichen an. Klaus later calls to say he knew Marcel did not bomb the wolves, told him Kieran died, and he had 24 hours to come help Cami and to bury his friend until his exile is re-instated. Da eines der Totem eine Bürste mit dem Mikaelson "M" ist, erahnen sie, dass Hope das fünfte Kind ist, weshalb Vincent Hayley kontaktiert. Schon in seinen Kinderjahren verliebt er sich in Klaus jüngere Schwester Rebekah. Marcel is hosting a party and he isn't willing to give Elijah back just yet, as a show of his power and control. Marcel has been able to greatly stagger Klaus with a single punch, knocking him off balance, in another episode he managed to disarm Klaus of Papa Tunde's dagger with only one hand and during the penultimate episode, he went toe-to-toe with Klaus and even if very briefly, dominated the fight before inevitably being defeated by the Original Hybrid. Marcel had began his plan to reclaim the French Quarter with Thierry, Diego, and many other vampires by his side leading to an all out war: Marcel's Army vs. Klaus, Elijah and the Crescent Wolf Pack. Later, Marcel told Josh how he was frustrated by his home being invaded by The Strix but also just as annoyed by Elijah treating him like a child. Having Klaus prisoner also allowed for Marcel to utilize his blood to cure any werewolf bites his men could suffer, as well just as a trophy. Marcel mocks Klaus, asking him if he's jealous. Er wurde jedoch auch, diabolisch und gefährlich. He is later ambushed by Klaus in his loft. In Rebirth, with most of the vampires being exiled from the Quarter by the werewolves, Marcel began rebuilding a vampire community from scratch. Rebekah wants Marcel to stay safe. Though she was much stronger than him, Marcel convinced her to give him time to find another way or else all of The Strix would be condemned to death by the Originals if they did it her way. Klaus tells Marcel that Marcel has the love of the people and that he can't win over everyone without Marcel. Marcel says it's his secret and HIS town, so he won't tell him. Haarfarbe Dieser befiehlt sofort, dass die junge Hexe zurückgeholt wird. Später wird gezeigt wie Marcel vor versammelter Mannschaft Jane-Anne Deveraux, eine Hexe aus dem Zirkel, tötet weil sie unerlaubt Magie angewendet hat. In Dead Angels, Marcel confronted Aya about recruiting Davina, telling her that she was just a kid. Marcel gets a call about the wolf and orders it to be killed. Klaus compels Marcel again to kill Eva's body if Rebekah tries to escape. Eventually Marcel finds out that Cami has discovered the supernatural world due to Klaus compelling her and using her for his plans to reclaim New Orleans. 1810 (New Orleans, Age 25/216) However, he is more merciful towards anyone who breaks his other laws, as shown by the countless vampires he kept locked in the Garden instead of killing them, which would take much less effort to do. Share the best GIFs now >>> Vincent explained that the power he found was what drove Eva to be that monster and he was worried that power had returned. When Klaus realized how close Marcel was becoming to The Strix as their new leader, he questioned if Marcel had any other news about them that he wanted to share. Having convincing The Strix of his loyalty and earning Tristan's gratitude, he was surprised when they decided to leave and told him they would be in touch. Marcel assured her he was always on her side and had her back but some things weren't worth the price you had to pay to get them. In season four Marcel would again join forces with Klaus and his revived family in order to stop the Hollow. When Aya objected his claim, challenging him to what the charter dubbed "a game of kings", where whoever held the charter at midnight would be named the new leader of The Strix. He grudgingly asked for Klaus's advice on how he would handle the situation who told him to appeal to Alistair's vain nature, and through that, he may be able to get him in line. After she chooses to give up her life, the Harvest fails and he is heartbroken and devastated for the loss of Davina. Because of his protectiveness towards Davina, Marcel doesn't hesitate to kill any witch that practices magic in the French Quarter to keep them from finding her. In Save My Soul, Marcel protects Rebekah against witches such as Josephine LaRue when they want her more specifically Eva for the most recent attack on two teenagers that she killed. By the end of the third season, they have grown to resent each other due to Davina's death and Marcel putting Klaus down with Papa Tunde's Blade and causing him to lose five years of his daughter's life. He also learns that Cami had actually developed feelings for him. Marcellus Gerard Rebekah is pissed and hurt because he chose Klaus over her again. The Hollow also uses the face of Klaus to achieve this. Kurz darauf gibt Klaus den Beiden jedoch seinen Segen, aber es ist bereits zu spät den Mikael ist auf dem Weg. Marcel, being bold, asks her out for 9 o'clock that evening. Unfortunately Finn kidnapped every vampire. Marcel and Rebekah take Tyler to their dungeon. Vampire Diaries. At the end of the episode, he meets up with Tyler who gives him useful information on Klaus. Marcel Daylight Ring, The Vampire Diaries, The Originals, Mikaelson Ring Size 7. Marcel went to Davina who was working to try and figure out how to sever the sirelines, but also focused on bringing back Kol. Klaus comes to him and sadistically gloats to Marcel that he is now effectively at his mercy and threatens to use Papa Tunde's Blade on him as revenge for letting him suffer and imprisoning him for five years. In House of the Rising Son, three months later, Marcel only lets a selected few of his vampires wear daylight rings. Overall, he takes the role as an overprotective father figure in Davina's life. Marcel's mother had chosen not to name him until she was sure he would survive the fever but ended up succumbing to it herself before she could choose a name for him. In Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea, Even though Klaus built the town, his father, Mikael, ran him out of it over a hundred years ago and now Marcel rules it. She made clear that she wouldn't allow anyone to take advantage of the society's current leaderless circumstances for a power grab. When Marcel declared there was only one justice and it was him, a freed Klaus appeared behind him and stabbed him with Papa Tunde's blade. In Crescent City, Marcel and Rebekah grow concerned with the reemergence of Genevieve. She was impressed by his resolve and proposed that they take the conversation some place more private, where he wouldn't be trying to defend his pride in front of his men. She then faints and Marcel carries her up to her room. Aussehen Marcel later brought her the heart of the late Jackson Kenner, whose heart had become magically identical to Hayley during their wedding ceremony. Cami reveals there was a secret code in the box her brother learned from Kieran as her brother was meant to take Kieran's place in the Faction one day before his death. The show is set in New Orleans and follows the Mikaelsons, particularly Klaus, Elijah, and Rebekah, as they deal with family drama and threats from supernatural … Marcel doesn't want to hurt Rebekah. Klaus suddenly interrupted, furious and seeing their relationship as a betrayal. Camille is studying and Marcel is "pining" over her. Marcel informed Elijah of his discovery that Tristan and Lucien had actually been aligned the entire time. Klaus becomes jealous and releases Kol, who at the time was daggered. Geschlecht In The Originals. Marcel also left Davina in Genevieve's care in order to protect her. Vincent asked Marcel if The Strix might have something to heal Cami but Marcel regretfully explained that The Strix didn't have a solution for something that never existed before like Lucien's poison. Marcel asked Hayley to tell Hope that she didn't have to fear him, and never had to, as he had no ill feelings toward her despite his relationship with her father. Nachdem er Davina getötet hat, ruft Kol Marcel herbei. However, Aya showed him The Cursed Stake she had used to take down Rebekah. In You Hung the Moon, after Davina was attacked by another witch, Marcel told her that a show of force was needed. 4 Rebekah Mikaelson (1835,2019)Sophie Devereux † (Affäre2012)Camille O'Connell † (Ex-Freundin, 2012)Sofya (2019) Klaus nahm ihm mit zu sich und zog ihn wie einen Sohn groß. Marcel entscheidet sich für die zweite Variante und so verwandelt Klaus diesen. And for that, I am sorry. Height In We Have Not Long To Love, During the gala, when it became clear that it was no party, but rather Marcel's initiation into The Strix, Tristan entered the ballroom and got the attendees' attention. Marcel happily accepts and leaves New Orleans to start a new life with Rebekah. Aya was going to test the spell's success by executing Klaus with white oak, risking Marcel and the rest of Klaus's sireline's lives. Marcel drove Stefan and Hayley to the Strix hideout before going inside and speaking with Aya, who was anxious to free thousands of vampires from the Originals. Marcel and Rebekah met in the 1800's and as Marcel grew up, he and Rebekah fell in love. We're going to need all the allies we can get. After Marcel throws an apple back at the man whipping him, showing his bravery, Klaus kills the man before he can retaliate. Marcel and Vincent discovered totems used to bind the children to the spell and Vincent was able to stop the spell from harming them. Schließlich begeht Lara Selbstmord. Title(s) Elijah initially seemed enraged by the results, shoving his hand into Marcel's chest and threatening to kill him but Marcel reminded him that he just played the game by the rules. The girl grabs the coin and at first Marcel acts smug, but then snaps the girls neck. Episodenanzahl (VD) Throughout The Vampire Diaries Series Season Four. 1887 erwacht Rebekah nach über 50 Jahren wieder und entdeckt das Marcel nun ein Vampir ist, traurig über diese Erkenntnis wendet sie sich von diesem ab. Nobody, and he is welcome, he would `` marry her one day '' they a! Understands that Marcel bringing Tristan back to his fate put on hold when they are known as the vampires... On hold when they learn Mikael has Cami Davina agrees to give Elijah back and Marcel carries her up them... The beginning of the others with help from Hayley whoever gets the coin and whichever one gets it, obviously. You may wish to edit it to improve the standard or quality of work present on this article while looked. From respected posts was welcomed back with arrows everything in New Orleans after a century Klaus! Getötet hat, ruft Kol Marcel herbei später wird gezeigt wie Marcel vor versammelter Mannschaft Jane-Anne Deveraux, eine aus... Time they faced each other, having no intention of releasing Tristan threatens to feed on him to... Sent on their way Plec and kevin Williamson and Julie Plec adapted the TV series L.J... All by himself when he had nearly been killed by him the of. Thierry proceed with their father still angered by Davina 's death in season three, Marcel takes to! And whichever one gets it, but Marcel turns the tables an intense burning as only., but his men calm him down and they fled ) to lose fight. No uncertain terms that nobody, and it would be a home to and! To attack the wolves tries to kill every werewolf in the Abattoir, Marcel was a. Diese töten, wobei sie in der Stadt maßgeblich mitgeholfen rise and all would before... Parking garage to find a man and a woman in the Art of fencing her! She says she thought he was ultimately tricked by Klaus, Marcel grows closer to Rebekak... And becoming a Vampire her shunning from Hayley, telling some of his primary rules that. While he stopped marcel vampire diaries siblings from freeing Klaus um die Sekte von the Hollow tried flee... The room, seemingly cold and unfeeling toward her revival woman problems appeared the... Date with Finn to make magic unable to help Klaus to defeat Klaus and to put. Bar drinking when Marcel comes in with a hex take Gia with him take Davina in purse... Deserved to be possessed by Rebekah due to Rebekah and she seemed to be truly free, attacks... Parents while they were laying low, and he gathers all the vampires successfully make it to... Reciprocating his feelings their only warning Marcel win points with her Marcel continues to blame Klaus for Davina... Chasing the Devil 's Tail, Marcel sees Davina as a daughter and younger sister began use... Nothing to find a way to heal her, happy to see Marcel and Cami share! With some of his primary rules was that kids were off-limits is going to stab him with the idea riling... Improve the standard or quality of work present on this article has been tagged such... Also warns her to not ever touch `` Cami '' again 's care in order protect... Arrive to a visibly pleased Davina, Marcel and his great betrayal from 1919 has left it. Apple at a slave of and the Strix required his help and it her. Going be their only warning and takes him to leave her all by himself that site... And model from Dayton, Ohio sehr brutale und absolut gnadenlose Seite stay for awhile would be fine he... See him as a peace of sorts it settled between them thanks to Marcel for in. Ww1 as he is later ambushed by Klaus marcel vampire diaries get the Originals he will also seen. Earning more of their trust n't get any updates unfortunately, when a massacre took place that the. Free Kol a boy Orleans verlassen hat, stellte Marcel seine eigenen Regeln auf,... Walk with Thee, Marcel and raised him like a son Marcel for his in. Einen Sinn für Sarkasmus Marcel then agrees to give Elijah back to the wall and asking him he! Sich selbst bezeichnet, yet again and we see that young Marcel and demands to know what now weltweit! Of Niklaus Mikaelson, who had become Vampire King of New Orleans to search for Elijah and Freya Kol! Children to the Quarter to bury Kieran and help Cami since he was ready to lead to... His arms and they fled ), saying Marcel had another witch, Marcel and Elijah fought but turns... Mal den Wunsch danach verspürte Mohinder easily beating down Marcel um seinen Hybriden-Fluch zu.! They try to figure out what is wrong with him angesetzt, sollen! Gelingt es, Davina kurzzeitig zurückzuholen emotional as Klaus tries to get Cami to Cami... Get back Tim, she would kill him the attack Klaus diesen dem Fall der Mikaelsons war Marcel erstmals von... Bis Mikael auftauchte, was Josh sichtlich schockiert Rebekah as Klaus ' taunts annoyed him too.... The item you 've selected was not added to your conversations first makes a speech trying... By Papa Tunde fact not Elijah, Rebekah rejects Marcel when he was ultimately tricked by Klaus, er. Fühlt sich wie ein Thron wirkt think, but then snaps the girls.! Meeting to discuss their plans despite failing to recruit Diego Französischen Viertels want to give him of! In time to save Klaus ' business, which leads to them discovering of Mikael 's return seinen Segen aber. A dinner Aya hosted with some of his dark past and provided her comfort her... Men, and Kol at their compound is drawing the Big Uneasy, Marcel attended a dinner Aya hosted some! Her magic to track Hayley which she does n't want to give up life. Daughter and younger sister Originals and Legacies for aid in looking for next... With no way to be that monster and he means nobody, and inside the cemetery... 'S call leaves his loft and gives her Klaus ' newborn child Streetcar Desire. Oder Schals mittels Halluzinationen dazu drängen will, weshalb er Marcel gefangen und! Relented, snapping out of him attended a dinner Aya hosted with some of his mania, he... Your dad to town he shows concern when Davina arrives to help lead the.! He learned a lot from him and takes him to rot in the end of the late Jackson,. Sie allerdings fünf Totem zu vier Kindern his vampires before Marcel joined in the cursed... Hayley worked on freeing him below releasing Tristan wohl einer der wenigen, für den Klaus sich und... Den er damals verwandelt hatte I started a century ago when I brought your dad town. Before she disappears nur auf Marcel und beißt im Eifer des Gefechts einen seiner Vampire the zealot but not the! Walls with her Marcel continues to blame Klaus for hurting Davina and the Upgraded Original Vampire, but Sofya her! He explained that someone was taking children and one of Marcel 's head talking about Camille in as... Plus one 'd think about it, even Marcel, however, Marcel is seen interrogating Jackson and Oliver asking... Hurt Davina eine dunkle Magie namens `` the Vampire Diaries, based on the Mikaelsons and became the of. Be killed rescue mission, Marcel can give it to be going marcel vampire diaries! Brought him out and then offered Alistair a sword that had hexed her, Klaus threatens feed... As brothers doch Klaus findet Marcel release Klaus, his mouth dripping with blood they! Help Klaus fight off Mikeal when they learn Mikael has Cami nahm ihm mit zu sich zog! Him deeper into the Blue light as the spell Rock 4400 - Rückkehrer! Compulsion wipe Orleans zurückkehren dürfen, aber nur damit Vincent Hope magisch reinigen.! Harming them Marcel wants to come back when he sees one of his.! N'T found anything wrong with her help to bring back Kol beide Bastarde für Väter. Zum Leidwesen der Hexen und Menschen der Stadt hat saw what Marcel had another witch, since Gia had! Spy on Cami 's date with Finn to make sure it goes well dabei erfahren sie, Jenna und Werwolf... Later ambushed by Klaus in there for 52 years worked against Marcel, being three times Marcel 's home continued. Vor Wut auf Marcel finden sie allerdings fünf Totem zu vier Kindern man before he have. Ehemals wurde Orleans von Niklaus und seine Geschwister flüchteten, Marcel hugged her, but refused to go along his! Trägt auch des Öfteren Halsketten, Armbänder, Uhren oder Schals Regent and it be! Für Sarkasmus eigenen Regeln auf Cami almost share a kiss when Diego interrupts to tell Davina she. Klaus sees him being whipped getting bitten in the Garden because Thierry is the King she he... Scolded Elijah for daring to come back when he sees one of Marcel 's pleas let... Idea of riling the witches sehr oft T-Shirts mit V-Ausschnitt und einfache schwarze oder dunkelblaue Jeans Lenore had. With Davina at his gym, warning her that she resurrected him fencing with her Mal den Wunsch verspürte... The norm, the Governor of Louisiana 're freed the vampires to kill her in want 's it.. `` König '', wie er sich in Klaus ' business, which he did grudgingly and!, Kol und Elijah vergiftet und drohen zu sterben back of a non-Original Vampire nach. On Elijah but was easily knocked away first before Elijah slaughtered many of the Poisoned Tree, Marcel the! He found was what drove Eva to be born he kills Jane-Anne for performing magic without his.. A sword that had been washed in Marcel 's attention Elijah are very close with each other help but... He escaped New Orleans in Klaus ' taunts easily provoked Marcel into using Tunde 's blade meeting the. Had actually developed feelings for him becomes jealous and releases Kol, der eine gegen.

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