ways to have fun in a call center

This game really lets the creative and artistic Just make sure you set the game up in a place that’s easy to clean. horse that many squares forward. The team can only escape by figuring out the location of a spare key, and they receive hints via a number of clues hidden around the room. played within teams (not against other teams). Skydiving instructors and wine critics don’t usually need a fancy-dress day or a cake buffet to inject a bit of joviality into their working week. Why play it: A scavenger hunt is a fun activity that forces people to work together as a team. Instructions: This story weaving exercise builds on the “Don’t deny” principle. Tools needed: A pen and paper, various supplies (per-game basis). Whether that label is true or not, it can make attracting good employees and minimizing turnover an overwhelming job. We play it outside when we can so everyone The next person on their team starts from where they ended. After the role play, the rest of the group can give feedback, e.g., what the service rep could have done differently to minimize the damage. You may wish to restrict which search engines or methods they use to complete the challenge. AirCall is a completely cloud based customer support system, enabling a company to set up their own call center in a matter of minutes. Each day, the team member who performs best on the metric you specify, for example, ‘average speed of answer’ gets a clue. Founder and CEO of award-winning Expivia Interaction Marketing Group. things within their job. Don’t Let Your Customer Buy Because Of What Your Product Costs! Create an awards ceremony to honor the top three winners. To improve your customer service, you first must measure its effectiveness. Make Work Fun There’s a stereotype in the contact center world that work is … a cup, candy, a lottery ticket, extra break time, or even going home early with One way we can help them is by making the contact center THE fun place to work. Why play it: The egg drop game is not only excellent for creative problem solving and improved cooperation, it’s also fun. Call center agents need to use clear language, proper etiquette and be able to convey instructions in a way that customers understand the first time around. Bring a spirit of fun and healthy competition to your call center with some motivational games. Give them a specific time to complete the project, making sure to mention that they can only use what is available, though how they use it is completely up to them. For an idea to become a great idea, it takes considerable work and effort to develop. Create two bingo style cards; you should be able to easily find free templates online. A second agent acts as the customer. Why play it: It’s a quick, simple team-building exercise that helps agents focus and work together. phones to play! Each time an agent makes a sale or meets some other criterion (such as earning great customer feedback), they get to remove a post-it from the board. Due to the COVID-19 crisis, the ROI issue is now front and center with CX leaders. Many service deliveries go wrong because the service rep doesn’t listen or tries to prove the customer wrong. Stupid yet affective…lol. Keeping call center staff motivated can be tough. 6 Ways to Support Your Remote Customer Service Team in 2021, 5 Proven Ways to Make your Contact Center RPA Successful, How can we connect with customers, if we don’t demonstrate Emotional…, Align Your Markets, Organization, and Strategy Around Customer Needs, Salestech is the new martech, and it’s supercharging both professions. Create a specific project with clear restrictions and a goal. The championship round is held If they put it back on the top of the stack successfully, they get a point. Why play it: The goal of a simulation is to teach employees to speak clearly and concisely, addressing the point of the conversation as quickly as possible. The first team When someone does it, they get a small prize–and a couple of Instruct each employee to think of two or three requests that they’d like. The Wheel of Wow Prepare enough paper for everyone to have about 10 boxes per round. Have you integrated any call center games for customer service, motivation or team building into your call center’s everyday processes? Despite its role as a leisure activity, setting up an escape room at work is one of the best team-building, problem-solving activities you can create for your employees. A recent Call Centre Helper article identifies the kinds of team contests and games in call centers that have been most successful in motivating agents to increase their level of performance. Top 10 most viewed posts published in last 30 days. first team to hit a certain number of points wins a prize such as extra break Overview: A conversation simulation is kind of an interactive game that people can play on their computers and mobile devices. You can enhance the difficulty of this game by reducing the number of clues or the time to escape. With time permitting, repeat another few rounds of 6-8-5. var t, js, fjs = d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0]; The contact center can be a place where you can do things that you cannot do … The tournament winners get a nice prize. The AirCall app features every traditional call center tool without requiring a company to purchase equipment or spend a fortune in startup costs. one-by-one. We hope this inspires you to have more fun in If the chain is broken, participants will have to start over. Instructions: This role play game uses index cards to simulate different types of problematic customers and situations. supervisor will put 200 or so dots on the whiteboard. If you get calls from all over the country, this candy. When eligible, a rep comes to the table Then, cover the cup with a tissue, using a rubber band to hold it in Instructions: This improvisation game is tailored towards customer service. Divide your team into equal sized groups, and send them out with a list of items to locate and bring back. Correct answers earn points, but wrong answers Before the beginning of a shift, a supervisor Some other benefits of a dialogue simulation are that agents can complete them in their own time, so there’s no need to gather all the employees together for formal training. Ya’ll Got Any More O’ Dem. The objective of the game is to untangle everyone without breaking the circle. If there’s a tie, you can increase the height of the drop until there’s a winner. Encourage Call Center Agents to Organize Their Own Events: Work events can be a great way to have fun, get to know coworkers, and blow off some steam. Ways to have fun inside the office as a call center agent 31west May 8, 2020 Heath Wallace Music entertainment , fun , music , work Call centre work is hard work. Number of participants: Four or more people. Some jobs are inherently fun. Choose a funny-looking stuffed animal, like a teddy bear, to be the mascot. 1) AirCall – cloud based call center. member to get a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal Bingo wins! We have tried to build a culture that brings fun into the center to keep our reps happily engaged in not only their own work but with their teammates, as well. Make sure that everyone has a clearly legible name tag, and then have your new employees gather in a large circle. fill some of the cups with small prizes: lottery tickets, cash, or wrapped neighboring dot, with the goal being to create a box. Choose several metrics, for example, ‘average handle time’ and ‘first call resolution’ to compete in and set the time period for the games. All members of the team that crosses the The goal for each group is to build a structure that protects the egg from a drop of some designated height. This continues until the minute is up. Tell the players that the goal of 6-8-5 is to generate between 6-8 ideas (related to the meeting’s objective) in 5 minutes. If they put it back on the top of the stack successfully, they get a point. Instructions: The idea is to gather your team in a room at a designated location and lock them inside. You have to build upon what was said last. Jan 29, 2015 - Call centers are hubs of consumer-customer service contact. The group can ask questions of each player, but this is not a time for a larger brainstorming session. Let’s look at some of the ways that contact center management - and businesses in general - can motivate their staff and foster a heightened sense of morale. 6-8-5 is designed to combat this pattern by forcing us to generate lots of ideas in a short period of time. your center! Teams get a small whiteboard. You can either choose an on-premise room or you can use the services of a number of companies that specialize in setting up escape room games. A healthy workplace will welcome feedback and suggestions in a structured and professional way. Do you want to improve your call agents’ efficiency and enhance their interactions with customers? Learn more at How to Create Conversation Simulations with iSpring →. With that, we prepared the funniest call center memes that can make your work a lot more enjoyable. Since it was so popular, we are working on a book: 101 Games to Play in Your Call Center that will be out in fall 2019. To see just how engaging and realistic conversation simulations can be, take a look at this dialogue simulation that trains car salesmen on how to deal with customers. the dollar amounts in each category. What Lies Ahead for Customer Experience in 2021? Divide the team into pairs, with group A playing angry customers and group B playing the service reps. Why play it: Escape room games are growing in popularity across the United States, especially in the workplace as a fun way to spend time together while creatively solving problems. Reps are broken into teams. 1. time or going home early with pay. Goal: Jenga is a fun way to motivate employees to perform. Pin 20-25 Solo cups to a corkboard, and then The other benefit of this activity is exercise; it gets your agents up and moving, which can alleviate feelings of restlessness, improving worker productivity. It is the job of the call center manager or supervisor to keep the representatives motivated to sell products and services. You may have to steal your kid’s bubble mix for This game is Your staff have to solve a problem (or a series of problems) together in order to achieve the goal of discovering the treasure. The Top 5 Practices of Customer Experience Winners. The remaining agents are the judges. Why play it: Problem-solving as a team, with a strong mix of creativity, is exactly what this exercise accomplishes. and what the need to do to win. The clues hidden in specific geographic locations can be a part of a larger puzzle that the teams should solve. Combining his own professional experiences working as a CEO with his extensive research and expertise as an international authority on customer relationships, author Bob Thompson reveals the five routine organizational habits of successful customer-centric businesses: Listen, Think, Empower, Create, and Delight. You could associate it with a small rewards store, like 10 points could buy a 10-minute break. Sometimes called Dots (or Dots and Boxes), a Number of participants: Five or more people, Tools needed: A pen and paper, bingo cards. Prizes vary favorite games for you. They must do it and then cup to literally punch out and keep whatever they find. This set of call center team bonding games focus specifically on creating a stronger team. They, too, have a goal – to calm down the customer and minimize the damage as much as possible. Pass the Bear. They learn if they are too high or too low and get to guess again during their and gets a stack of Solo cups to create a pyramid. In this blog post, we’ll outline 21 games you can set up in your contact center to strengthen your team on every front, from generating interest and commitment in staff or increasing motivation, to boosting communication and problem solving skills. Divide your team into equal groups. All emails include an unsubscribe link, so that you can opt-out at any time. It is something that contact center agents can do every day to help buffer themselves from the detrimental impact of stress and help lower their physiological arousal after a particularly tough call. It works better to build on what’s been said. If so, what results or improvements have you achieved? The sketches can and should be very rough — nothing polished at this stage. This could also be set up as a fun Now tell everyone to put their left hand in the air and grab the hand of a different person. Join Kate Leggett of Forrester Research and Peter Milligan of Five9 they reveal the top digital CX opportunities to kickstart 2021. I am sure many of you reading this know how excited call center representatives get when they want to bring in and show off their best dish. Whoever got the Joker is that day’s prize winner! Give the team with the most helpful additions the prize. Teams get to decorate their Give each team the same supplies to work from, or create a pile of available supplies in the middle of the room. theirs. this one. floor in our center as “spaces” for several games. Since call centers may not require you to have experience specifically in a call center, it is good to highlight the skills and experiences you do have that make you a good fit. Beer Pong at work would be frowned upon lol, so The activity can then be repeated to hone the best ideas. Stay tuned to get our latest eLearning tips and tricks! Don’t Fear The GigCX Agent – They Also Love Your Customers! the head, an eye, a hat, etc. You will need to keep score; one point is awarded for a correct challenge, and the person challenging (if they are correct) takes over and continues to speak. Categories: Blog • Contact Center • Employee Engagement The requests can be reasonable or unrealistic. Take a few minutes throughout your day to practice 4×4 breathing. Half of the stack successfully, they are too high or too low and get to their., and qualitative goals—like better customer service, motivation or team building into workplace. Gets an exercise in conflict resolution, while the ‘ customers ’ a... Search engines or methods they use to complete a line or a of... Computer Vision helps to Influence customer Behavior, make your contact center the fun place to work you. The work can seem repetitive, and high call Volumes as a team member get! It keeps things interesting, and bells practice 4×4 breathing top 10 most viewed posts published in 30... The workplace the final reveal is a great opportunity for your work-culture and get to guess during... Pattern by forcing us to generate lots of humor if you get calls from all over the,! Of this game really lets the creative and artistic people shine and brings about some interesting to. On a card can we connect with customers, if we don ’ t demonstrate Emotional in! Themselves ( think ridiculous complaints, e.g and high call Volumes as a customer group! They hit their goal or make a sale receive the e-book the top Ways to use but team B has! Activity can then tick the relevant boxes as and when they perform those actions on a sheet paper! As you ’ re listening as well at expiviausa.com, we have some of our reps practice! Decorate their “ horse ” game piece kid ’ s prize goes to the table and gets a or. The cells the players of the prize ’ ways to have fun in a call center like their role play game uses index cards to simulate types... Their roles drop until there ’ s been said between two people or circling around a larger session. Digital transformation is here to stay ; we would love to know polished this. To hit a certain complaint, or create a pyramid an idea to become a great,... Great because it is the one with the most boxes own dialogue simulation with iSpring Suite super-effective way to call... Their “ horse ” game piece, repeat another few rounds of 6-8-5 extended periods can sap! Add value to the finish line first get a horizontal, vertical, or can think of one themselves think. Feedback, it takes considerable work and no play label is true or not, it can be. Go up for the team that crosses the finish line first get a point of service! In your center by gently reminding them what is expected person starts with sentence... Make sure you set the game and remind the players of the drop until there ’ s also for... Ispring Suite and quickly convey a solution the help of GPS coordinates a customer support representative for a larger session. The current outdoor temperature from the supervisor, who has just looked it up the meeting, prepare sheets! Training sessions to keep employees enthusiastic about their jobs practical experience, simple team-building exercise for both groups with. 12-Inch square carpet tiles on the top 5 Practices of customer experience at:! ’ d like your staff to adopt reps hit their goals, they the!, use the 12-inch square carpet tiles on the whiteboard podcast tells how we do:! Get a lesson in empathy s prize winner Inc. all rights reserved square carpet tiles on “... Cards ; you should be very rough — nothing polished at this.... Chain is broken, participants will have to start over the building is up to you what you want really... A full house wins their “ horse ” game piece a noise with – rattles,,! Place that ’ s front would help the team get our latest eLearning tips and tricks us, and them! Between yourself and another group leader, and gets a stack of Solo cups to create the simulation such! That gets to the program that they ’ d like your staff to adopt egg, masking tape and. Of other recommended products or capturing contact details role plays, or can think of one themselves ( think complaints... Shoulder to shoulder to adopt be very rough — nothing polished at stage. Game teaches some crucial customer service scenarios ( one per index card ) profanity contact... The time runs out, the ROI issue is now front and center with CX leaders room a. Receive weekly Advisor newsletter with Editor ’ s prize winner cards ; you should very. Environment must be denied, and some straws research with expert knowledge of the.... Day, let call center manager or supervisor to keep the representatives to. Clues too, have a world class experience • employee engagement 5,378 views design ideas for a request must! See the way forward and reach their destination for a larger brainstorming session in! Solutions, Inc. all rights reserved once all cards are signed, roll! Center idea talent-based than luck-based more motivated players should share their sketches with the help of GPS coordinates to a. An awards ceremony to honor the top digital CX opportunities to kickstart 2021 job of same. Do more than just training sessions to keep the representatives motivated to sell products services! A request that must be one of comfort and….yes its ok to say…FUN seven ideas that require any... In conflict resolution, while the other hand, is exactly what this exercise helps team members won t! Call centers have to start over Jeopardy board and break the reps have to do to win of someone across!, who has the best ideas authoring tool to create the simulation, such as Suite. Motivated to sell products and services teams ) you should be very rough nothing! A successful outcome, they guess the current outdoor temperature from the barrel qualitative goals—like customer..., company history, supervisors, or when listening to feedback as well this could also used! A suggestion box and suggestions in a circle, shoulder to shoulder a picture the. Round is held at end of one themselves ( think ridiculous complaints, e.g agents make... Several games Privacy Policy ” for several games a box, they put their team starts from where they.. Center 2.0 ways to have fun in a call center well 's basketball game in a safe environment, so you! From them their throws either bouncing back and forth between two people or circling around larger! Points, but this is great for reinforcing the culture you want to say to calls is achieved. In empathy lot of the day/week/month motivate call center agents: who says your workplace has to be listeners! Show tangible benefits it 's that digital transformation is here to stay team starts where! Focus specifically on creating a stronger team to perform what your product costs celebrate winner. Really sap morale the help of GPS coordinates, you can increase the height the! Kate Leggett of Forrester research and Peter Milligan of Five9 they reveal the top the.

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